Once I have accepted my Holiness,

nothing can make me afraid.

-ACIM Lesson 58

I have been an Attorney now for 30 years; however, my path has steadily been changing. I fell in love with the Truth in A Course in Miracles 20 years ago and I love teaching it and sharing the messages and inspiration that Jesus and the Holy Spirit nudge me to share. The messages are always of the Peace of Love. You see, Jesus’ Sacred Heart, so full of the Divine Love that we all share as the Holy Creation of God, overflows with the desire to guide us Home to Love. 

It is the Law of Love that we can trust. For the Law of Love bows to no man and knows only of itself. Love knows only itself. Love knows only God. 

You were created by Love. Your name is the Holy Name you share with our Creator, Whose Name is Love. Love then, can only know itself. This is the Law of Love, the Law of Knowing your Holiness. Know of nothing else for there is nothing else. Love is the Beginning and the End. It is All that Is. And you are Love and you are Safe. Accept That, and be in the Peace that passes by the mind’s need to understand. Read More...

Your Holiness is the answer to every question that was ever asked, is being asked now, or will be asked in the future.

-ACIM Lesson 39


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