About Paul

When Jesus appeared to me in 2000, three years after I had begun studying A Course in Miracles, I had no idea that the path my life would take was about to change. At the time, I was a husband, father and lawyer; and nothing has been normal since that afternoon in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I was sitting in a Hay House convention seminar with James Van Pragh, when Jesus was suddenly sitting across from me in the chair that had been previously occupied by a robust blonde man from New Jersey. Jesus appeared for a few moments, less than a minute. However, during that brief encounter, something changed within me. After leaving the seminar room, out of the corner of my eye I saw a painting hanging on the wall. It was Jesus, the exact face that had just appeared to me. Writer, Joe Crane had been instructed to bring the Painting to Florida from the Chicago area by the painting’s owner, a well-known angel artist, Joanne Macko. She didn’t really know why. But when Joe saw the remarkable resemblance that I had with the painting of Jesus, he took photos and sent them to her. Shortly thereafter, she invited me to speak about my experience at her spiritual seminar in Naperville, Illinois. The details of more of my story are posted on www.truefaceofjesus.com; a site dedicated to the miraculous Painting that you see below.