It’s Just So Unfair

Recall a time today, a moment from your day, when you felt the impulse of anger or even mild disappointment, resulting from a situation in your life wherein you felt treated unfairly. It has come to mind already. Now decide if you like the way that it feels. Now decide if you would like to put that feeling in your pocket and carry it with you today. It's an uncomfortable, distracting feeling, and it grows heavier throughout the day. After carrying it around all day, you finally tire under the chattering , churning voice of anger in your mind that encourages you to feel unfairly treated. Yes, the voice says, it so unbelievable what he or she said or did! The voice tells you, you are right to feel this way. Now , how do we get vengeance?

Another voice, a far softer one, asks you to hand the angry feeling you have over to It, counseling you will have a much better day, a much lighter day, if you let it go into His Hands. Yes the voice quietly whispers, as the world judges, you were in fact unfairly treated. But, the Voice says, you, my Beloved, want so much to return to Paradise. And I ask you to remember that you agreed to seem to be unfairly treated so that you could transcend this world of appearances. This is how it is done. Please remember that the feeling of being unfairly treated is an invitation from darkness, inviting you in. You have a choice. Do you accept the invitation, or do you refuse by choosing the Light? You choose the Light, the Christ that you are, by releasing the unfair treatment over to the Light, to the Holy Spirit, the Presence of Love. The feeling of appearing to be unfairly treated is asking you to bite the apple. Don't bite. Take a deep breath and remember your promise that you would transcend this world by choosing the Light, by choosing Peace, when confronted with a situation that want you to agree with and say that yes I have been unfairly treated. For if you do, you will also be agreeing to hold a grievance, which is an attack on yourself, for it displaces your Peace.

When I walked through the crucifixion, I , by all appearances, was treated unfairly. But I knew in my heart, that it was not possible for Christ, the Christ that we all are, to be treated unfairly. And so I handed the appearance to our Father, and our Father, Who is Love, and Who is you and me. And I , in my accepted identity as Christ,demonstrated the Truth of Love and the unwavering trust in that Love that we are and that surrounds us in complete safety. I ask you to overlook, to forgive , the large and small unfair experiences in your life. And to see that you, in your Identity as Christ, as Spirit, as Gods perfect creation, could not possibly be treated unfairly. And smile. And trust that every time you turn the other cheek, your remembrance of Paradise grows closer. Rest, rest, rest in the Love of God, the Love of who you are. You are safely in the Hands of the Love Of your Creator. Smile and rest.

Peace of Love,

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